The ‘Feet on the Beat’ e-Petition


We aim to bring pressure to bear on the Home Office, Police and Crime Commissioners and Police Forces to increase the reassuring presence of police on our streets.

The ‘feet on the beat’ petition

Please sign our e-petition ‘Feet on the Beat’ to show your support for this good cause.


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Feet on the Beat e-Petition


The ‘Feet on the Beat’ Petition
Where have all the policemen gone?

Do you remember seeing a uniformed police officer patrolling in your street, local area, town centre or village recently?
Just think back a few years when a beat officer was the ‘norm’, can you remember feeling reassured by spotting a ‘bobby’ on the beat?

Help us to get more uniformed police officers back on the beat, sign our on-line petition today to get active policing back on our streets.

Have your say today to get More Feet on the Beat and help us to make our town and local communities safer.

Thank you for your support.
Littlehampton Town Ward & District Neighbourhood Watch Association


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