Mobile Phone and Laptop Protection


Protect your mobile phone or laptop with a simple piece of technology at no cost to yourself.

Did you know that should the ‘unthinkable happen’ and someone makes off with your mobile or laptop, that you can track it?

A while back there was an item on the radio. A car had been broken into and a laptop stolen – sadly, an all too familiar tale.

But, in this case, the owner was not only able to locate his laptop by GPS he was also able to fire the device’s webcam to take a picture of ‘the little idiot’ who was using it.

Very empowering -I have now suitably enabled our two family laptops and our two smart phones….

You can do similar for mobile smart phones – all leading makes of mobile phone will have an app that enables you to get your missing phone to:

  • Send out a high pitched tone – handy for when it has dropped down the back of the sofa
  • Send a message that will flag up when the phone is turned on – e.g. You have picked up my phone by mistake – to return it please contact this number
  • Lock the phone
  • Or wipe it completely.

My phone is a HTC Wildfire S and yes there is a suitable the app for it.

For iPhones it is called (funnily enough) ‘Find my iPhone’ – (other makes have similar).

For laptop computers you only need to visit and create a free account with The Prey Project

You will also need to download and install their GPS tracking software. (It is small, lightweight, and won’t slow your machine).

Protecting your devices is freetakes about 10 minutes to do and is so simple to do.

Criminals may well be able to run, but they certainly won’t be able to hide from the canny owners of technology.

People working together to make Littlehampton District a safe place to live and work