Operation Magpie


Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Operation Magpie 

Sussex Police has recently launched Operation Magpie – an initiative formed to tackle burglary in the county.

The first phase of this Operation sees us denying the use of the roads to burglars.

Officers will carry out spot checks on cars and vans at various locations with the aim of catching burglars in the act and also preventing offences too. Teams will be based at strategic points around the county in a robust and on-going series of operations. Burglars will not know when or where the next spot check will appear.

The teams will use technology and local intelligence reports to stop any vehicles that are highlighted as being driven illegally – such as those without MOT or insurance – or those which are linked to burglary.

Keeping your home secure

In 2012 nearly 4000 burglaries took place across the county, an increase of around 700 compared to 2011. Although these numbers have increased in recent years, the risk of becoming a burglary victim in Sussex is still very low when compared to other areas around the UK with five burglaries taking place per 1000 households.

In the warmer months we often see an increase in the number of burglaries due to houses not being secure. Houses with at least basic security (defined as window locks and deadbolts on doors) are at nearly 10 times lower risk of being burgled than those without.

Following these basic crime prevention tips will reduce your changes of being burgled:

  • If you leave your house  empty – even when you are in the back garden – lock all the doors and windows and make sure fanlight windows are closed. Be especially careful      about those on the ground floor and above flat roof areas.
  • Put your garden tools and any ladders away into a secure garage or shed after using them, they could be used to break into your home, or your neighbours’.
  • Double check fences and boundaries to make sure they keep burglars out.
  • When you leave a room  unattended, close and lock windows and doors – especially on the ground floor.
  • If you want to leave windows  open while you sleep, fit window restrictors so they cannot be fully  opened, or make sure they are not large enough to allow access to a      burglar.
  • Keep all wallets, purses, credit cards, car keys and other valuables out of sight.
  • Consider fitting outside security lighting or a visible alarm to help deter burglars.

How to get involved

You can join us in our campaign to tackle burglary in Sussex by reporting any suspicious behaviour to us when it happens.

Sussex Police Community Messaging is now also online, enabling you to register for messages and alerts about your local area, including information about burglaries which have taken place.

Once registered you will be kept up-to-date with crime and policing issues where you live. This includes warnings about bogus callers and rogue traders, crime reduction advice and news from your local team. There is no charge for this service – all messages you receive are free. You can sign-up here

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